Friday, March 13, 2020

Resume tips for healthcare resume

Resume tips for healthcare resumeThe health care industry is in need of talented candidates who are able to make a difference in patients lives every day. But oftentimes, when we think about making a difference in health care, we picture the doctor or nurse who is on the front lines taking blood pressure and prescribing medicine.There are other individuals who are just as important to the health care system, working in non-clinical positions. If you are one of these individuals, you can indeed impact lives with your work. But in order to be hired, youll need to first create an amazing resume that focuses on your unique skills.Prove You Understand Your RoleNo matter what role you are interested in taking on with a health care provider, you will need to show that you understand its ins and outs. For instance, if youre applying to become a medical assistant, you may need to show that you have succeeded in processing records, keeping appointments, and tracking prescriptions, whereas appl ying for a medical transcriptionist position may require an understanding of medical terminology and the language, as well as quality writing skills.Making mistakes in any aspect of the health care industry could endanger lives, so its important that you not only show that you know your role but that you have the skills to fulfill it with excellence.Take a Good Look at the PositionAs with any other job you might apply for, you want to show that you are the right person for the very position for which you are applying. This means youll need to take a good look at which goals the health care provider is trying to fulfill.The skills and qualifications you incorporate in your resume will vary depending on what the position calls for. It will be up to you to thoroughly review the job posting to determine exactly which qualifications you should incorporate into your resume to prove you are right for the job.Showcase an Understanding of Health CareEven if youre not working on the operating table and never had to take science classes to train for your role, its mucksmuschenstill important to show that you understand the health care industry. As mentioned above, mistakes in this industry could affect a persons life, so showcasing your knowledge is critical. If, for instance, you are interested in becoming a medical secretary, showing that you understand medical terminology would boost you to the top of the stack as a candidate.Non-clinical positions are just as essential to the health care industry as clinical positions, so as you write your resume, its good to show that you understand how important your role is. Really think about how your job will impact the provider you want to work for, then write a resume that proves through your skills, accomplishments, and education that you can get the job done.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Which of These Is Not a Recommended Online Resource for Resume Writing and What You Should Do Today

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Which of These Is Not a Recommended Online Resource for Resume Writing and What You Should Do Today If you fret about the voreingestellt of your essay as well as youre worrying about whether you can locate a paper writer you are able to trust, you have arrived at the right location. There are a lot of stylistic facts to think about during the writing process. If youre using writing services online for the very first time and leid certain how it works, you may always contact our support agent who will help you through all the stages starting with the purchase placement right until the last paper is delivered to you. If you are searching for the very best writing services online, youre in the correct spot. If youre puzzling who will be able to help you with the assignment at the lowest price as youre a student and is occasionally pressed for money, youre at the proper place as we offer cheap customized writings. Quite frequently, stu dents do not understand how and where to begin writing. Look at these eight resources to make sure your resume shines. Take advantage of these resources to develop into fluent in no moment. Our resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that can help you get your fantasy job. Its only normal to be anxious about hiring an on-line essay writer since you can not ever be sure whether you are employing the proper service or not. In many instances, your resume is the very first document a hiring manager will examine when reviewing your program, and therefore is a real first impression. An office will offer ample room to put away office furniture, equipment, and supplies where a space-restricted residence or apartment may not be so accommodating. Finding the Best Which of These Is Not a Recommended Online Resource for Resume Writing Generally, your email address needs to be based on your name. Dont incorporate a photo of yourself Although in some countries it mig ht be acceptable to include things like a photo, it really isnt the norm in Canada. If you neglect to follow up with a telephone, email, postcard or other type of human contact, you might as well have placed your resume right into the shredder. Creative While its important to get a professional resume, sometimes just a little creativity and innovation is suitable. There are various ways to organize your resume. This advice will allow you to make a resume that will stick out. Then take a look at the following resume writing tips to learn to compose a resume optimizing each section for greatest success.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

This New Year, Let Go of Fear

This New Year, Let Go of Fear Any time we approach a new year, theres a lot of talk about setting new goals for our careers, our families, our fitness, or other personal pursuits.For me, its interesting to think about which goals will be achieved and which will be shelved. I often wonder Is successdriven primarily by theparticular goal, or by the person achieving it?My belief is that the achievers do, in fact, possess something that sets them apart from others. Its leid an MBA, money, or good looks although those dont hurt Rather, the characteristic that sets achievers apart is much cheaper and easier to come by Achievers, more so than others, are able to live their lives without fear.Its not that they have no concerns. Its not that failure never crosses their minds. Its that they are able to try new things without letting their fears stop them.Ive witnessed people who have never finished college land professional-level jobs faster than their degreed peers. They may have appeared less qualified on paper, but in reality, they had a lot to offer and were willing to put themselves out there. Im certain that in some of these situations, the fact that they had little to lose and everything to gain came into play.Isuspect the ability to let go of fear isnt a one-time occurrence. Its not something a person is able to do for just the most important things or ina moment when everything is on the line.Rather, the ability to let go of fear is a way of life, achievers haveturned living without fear into a habit they practice every day. When it does count, theyre ready.Thomas Edison is often quoted as saying, I havent failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work. Edison must have failed on an everyday basison his way tocreating innovations that still influence the way we live today. Yet, in the face of all that failure, he still kept going.In 2004, I quit my corporate job and moved cross country for graduate school. Not only did I not know anyone in Los Angeles, but I paid for my own education and living expenses for the time I was there. Looking back, I often wonder how I was able to conquer that kind of fear and whether or not I could do it again today.I often ask myself, Whats the worst thing that could happen? If I cant come up with anything other than embarrassment or a little lost time, I try. Worst-case scenario, even when I fail, I learn something new. That new thing helps me to try again successfully or to set another goal all without fear.I hope your new year is filled with new goals, new experiences, and a little learning along the wayA version of this article originally appeared on Copeland Coaching.Angela Copeland is a career coach and CEO at Copeland Coaching.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

May There Always Be Work for Your Hands to Do

May There Always Be Work for Your Hands to DoWork for Your Hands to DoMay There Always Be Work for Your Hands to DoIts St. Patricks Day and, Irish or not, people in workplaces across North America are wearing green and planning after-work celebrations that include such Irish favorites as corned beef and cabbage, or a pint of Guinness. The funny thing is, corned beef is not an Irish tradition at all. Back in the day, beef was simply too expensive for your average Irish family, as the Irish blog DoChara (Your Friend) explainsThe ordinary Irish people, when they had access to meat at all, would have eaten pork. Because there was no way of storing fresh meat, they made the pork into bacon. This was done at home by simply brining it, or preserving it with salt.So if you want to be old-school, you should boil up some bacon and cabbage. Corned beef became the new tradition once the Irish began emigrating in large numbers to North America, where beef was much cheaper. Despite the change in m eat, the Irish continued the practice of briningand thats how corned beef became the meal of St. Patricks Day on this side of the pond. So thats your Irish trivia for today. In closing, heres an Irish blessing thats particularly appropriate for job seekersMay there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two.May the sun always shine on your window pane.May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.May the hand of a friend always be near you.May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.Happy St. Patricks Day

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Customize this Outstanding Sample Hr Analyst Resume Sample

Customize this Outstanding Sample Hr Analyst Resume SampleCustomize this Outstanding Sample Hr Analyst Resume SampleSample HR Analyst ResumeCreate Resume OBJECTIVE Intuitive, Creative, Analytical Over-thinker seeking a position as an organizational, management, or HR Analyst.RELOCATE MDQualificationsMasters Degree in Human Resources and Organizational ManagementFour years experience in human resources, recruitment, and career counselingOutstanding communication skills, both verbal and written, and an inane ability to think strategically and problem-solve effectively.EducationMaster of Arts, Human Resources and Organizational Management University of Phoenix Online, June 2003Bachelor of Arts, English (minor, Sociology) University of Virginia, May 2000Additional Credits achieved in Creative Writing and Sociology Lancaster University, Lancaster, EnglandTechnical SkillsMicrosoft Office, Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OutlookInternet Recruiting techniquesVarious Internal Recruitm ent databases Searcher, SendOuts, VolTrack, GalaxyExperience Professional Placement Recruiter/ Career Consultant Current ConfidentialResponsible for Full Life Cycle Recruitment and Interviewing of candidates to identify qualified candidates based on skills, knowledge, education, experience, etc.Responsible for negotiating job offers, including salary, benefits, etc.Responsible for checking all references to verify eligibility of qualified candidatesResponsible for counseling all candidates on job opportunities, recruitment techniques, interviewing skills, and career pathsResponsible for identifying recruitment sources and maintaining contact with eligible candidates throughout the recruitment processSkilled in behavioral interviewing techniques and resume reviewCounselor/ Educational Recruiter Sept 2002- June 2004 University of PhoenixResponsible for counseling students on educational goals and career pathsReviewed applications for approval and admittance into the program of choiceA dvising and recruiting prospects from leads and marketing campaigns into matriculating students into one of three collegesDeveloping corporate and government partnerships with local industryAdvising students utilizing a consultative approach on curriculum selection and practical career guidanceAssist students with all pertinent documentation relating to matriculation e.g. applications, transcripts, and financial aid formsAccount Manager Oct 2000- Sept 2002 Newell RubbermaidResponsible for schlussverkauf and customer service to client accountsDesigned and Implemented marketing techniques to increase salesPlanned and Organized promotional events to increase consumer awareness of products, which resulted in increase of salesResponsible for increasing sales numbers and increasing future businessVolunteer ExperienceTutor, Adult Literacy, Certified in LitStart method for tutoring adultsCounselor, Sexual Assault Resource Agency, Certified as a Crisis CounselorYouth Counselor, I Can/ We Can Customize Resume

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Benefits of Accepting Constructive Criticism

The Benefits of Accepting Constructive CriticismThe Benefits of Accepting Constructive CriticismWe probably all can recount important words of advice, critiques or feedback that we have received. The thoughts shared with us, about us, can become permanent, internalized guidelines that influence the choices that we make.Accepting advice and critical feedback takes humility and openness. Its hard to admit that were flawed or acknowledge when weve performed in a suboptimal manner. However, accepting advice and then acting on those suggestions is a key to self-improvement and personal progress.What follows are three of the fruchtwein memorable pieces of feedback that Ive received, including details about their impact, ending with some final thoughts about the reasons to stay open to constructive criticism.1.Theres no excuse for underperformance.Having studied a social science as an undergraduate, I found business school very difficult. It welches the first time that I was exposed to quan titative concepts in foundational courses such as accounting and finance.Though I was very interested in the topic, I struggled in economics class as well. Many of the students had been economics majors at top universities. My rudimentary understanding of the concepts was no match to their deep-seated knowledge, and I ended up initially performing very poorly on tests.I visited the professor during office hours and told her that I couldnt compete with students who had an established foundation in the course materials. The professor, an Italian woman, very calmly and with a nonchalant flick of her hand, said to me, So then youll have to work harder. I dont know whether it was the bluntness in translation or a cultural idiosyncrasy, but her curt seven word answer said it all. I stopped complaining about the inherent unfairness of the situation and worked harder.In truth, I didnt pass the class with flying colors. But with the work that I put in, I passed the course and I learned a lot in the process. I came awayfrom this experience realizing that at times I will face unfair disadvantages in life and career. Nothing is gained from fixating on imbalance. You succeed by refocusing on the task and working hard to overcome the challenge.2.Dont just point out problems. Formulate solutions. I am naturally analytical, and I easily identify problems and inefficiencies. During a feedback session at one of my previous jobs, my manager indicated that my ability to point out problems was not as helpful, or career-enhancing, as an ability to also suggest solutions. The person who is constantly pointing out problems is a Debby Downer that nobody wants to work with. However, the person who can identify areas of improvement and present well-organized recommendations is more likely to persuade others to contemplate and implement changes. This type of individual stands a better chance of making valuable improvements to the business.Making this adjustment requires a slight change i n attitude. If you, like me, are naturally inclined to see the glass as half empty or, as I like to spin it, see the glass as having the eignung to be fuller, tweak your point of view and contemplate ways to fill the glass.I recently put this approach into practice when I told my manager about a problem that required attention. After presenting my observations, the manager asked me, What are some things that you think would improve the situation? I was able to present what I thought were appropriate next steps and explained why I considered these ideal solutions. Doing so, I feel, helped convince stakeholders that a problem existed and encouraged timely action.3.Always speak your mind.I spent the summer between my two years of business school interning at a technology company. As the only female in a group of six interns, I struggled to connect with my peers and often felt that no one was listening to the ideas that I shared. As the summer progressed, I found myself growing tired an d becoming more withdrawn.At the end of the summer internship, we were asked to share feedback with one another. I received the following piece of feedback (paraphrased from memory) from one of the interns with whom I was close.Sometimes Stephanie seems to hold back with her thoughts, letting others dominate the conversation even though, in comparison, their points are not as strong as hers. Though Stephanie speaks less often than others, I want her to know that when she speaks, people listen. The ideas she shares are important, and people respect what she has to say. I hope that she will become even more vocal in sharing her thoughts moving forward.What was important to me in the feedback was the validation that people were listening. Distracted by the politics of my situation, I was overlooking the impact that I could have on others and the projects on which we worked. This impact and how others perceived me was later confirmed when it was revealed that my secret nickname amongst the other interns was small but deadly. From this feedback, I learned that I shouldnt be scared or cave to frustration when participating in dialogue. My ideas matter, and I should be confident in communicating them.Being open to constructive criticism is a great opportunity to find ways to improve your performance. You may be unaware of ineffective habits or how others perceive you. Having the opportunity to hear honest feedback allows you to secure valuable insights and make beneficial adjustments.I also think that delivering honest and heartfelt feedback to someone, typically someone that you care about, is a really difficult endeavor. As such, receiving honest feedback from another person is like receiving a gift- something that they likely labored to craft and that they have delivered with love. Knowing how hard it is for the other person to give you constructive criticism, you should be more open to receiving it and be appreciative of the effort.Now its your turn What is the m ost important or memorable piece of professional feedback that you have received, and how has it changed how you behave and the choices you make?

Monday, December 16, 2019

5 excuses that will get you nowhere

5 excuses that will get you nowhere5 excuses that will get you nowhereCertain excuses wont put you in a very productive mindset. Heres what you should never mutter to yourself at work or during the application process.I cant deal with this.Saying I cant certainly doesnt shine a light on your talents in a work setting. It seems like youre approaching things with a defeatist attitude, instead of working to find a solution to whats going on.Instead of simply saying I cant, come up with something that you can do in its place, or admit that you dont have the knowledge or expertise to get something done and recommend someone who may be a better help.I dont have time.Jonathan Long, founder of performance-based zugnglich marketing agency Market Domination Media, influencer marketing agency blerrp and co-founder of theSexy Smile Kit, says in Entrepreneurthatentrepreneurs make this excuse too often.Time is our most valuable asset, he writes. While we only have 24 hours in a day, we make time f or things we want - people we want to see, activities we want to do, etc. The only thing getting in the way are excuses.Im sorry Im late.After waking up late for the third time this week, you pull yourself into the car, step on the gas, and waltz into work late for the umpteenth time.Marshall Goldsmith, a business educator, coach and author, writes on his website about why giving an excuse for being late doesnt change anything.When youre late to an appointment and you hear yourself saying, Im sorry Im late but the traffic was murder, stop at the word sorry. Blaming traffic doesnt excuse the fact that you kept people waiting, Goldsmith syas. You should have started earlier. You certainly wont have to apologize for Im sorry Im early, but I left too soon and the traffic was moving along just fine. If the world worked like that, there would be no excuses.My rsum is just going to get submitted into an zugreifbar black hole, so Im not going to bother.This is an excuse used frequently by job seekers, Vicki Salemi - an author, public speaker, columnist and Monster career expert - saysin U.S. News and World Report.Thats like forfeiting a ballgame by not even showing up. You owe it to yourself to show up, Salemi writes. The applicant tracking system (better known as the ATS), will get inundated with rsums pegged to each specific job opening, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt apply.While it does help to have a referral so your rsum is flagged differently in the system for recruiters to easily spot, dont give up. Definitely apply. she continues.Thats not my job.This ones a classic.John Brandon, Contributing Editor at Inc. Magazine and, writes in Inc. that this is one of the excuses that unproductive people rely on. He writes about how the people who really keep things moving at work dont fall into this trap.Ive written before about staying productive by focusing on your job and not doing the work of unproductive co-workers. Thats always a bad pattern to set, B randon explains. Curious, then, that the really unproductive people always seem to notice when theyre doing extra work to help a project. They focus on their role too much and on what everyone else is not doing.Truly productive people dont even care. They just do whatever it takes to get things done and plow ahead, analyzing the exact role definitions later, Brandon adds.